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Phanatic Around Town online auction raises over $250,000
10/01/2010 10:20 AM ET

The month-long, Phanatic Around Town online auction at officially ended last Thursday night in a bidding frenzy to own the last of the life-size Phillie Phanatic statues. In total, $251,152 was raised from the auction, with net proceeds benefitting Phillies Charities.

"The Phillie Phanatic" statue, which was signed by the entire 2010 team and painted by Phillies graphic designer Melissa Maani, was by far the MVP of the online auction, raising $50,400.

The next top five bids included the "Patchwork Phanatic" by artist Ginny Lang at $28,100, "Tribute" by artist Tom McLaughlin at $20,100, "High Hopes" by artist Norma Chant Neimeister at $19,300, "P. Phanatic Star Voyager" by artist Clifford W. Lentz III at $19,200 and "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" by artist Dan Fione at $17,200.

The Phanatic Around Town Online auction also featured 10 other Phillie Phanatic statues:
  • "The Phanatic Paints a Mural" by artist David McShane; Winning bid: $14,900
  • "Phrankenstein's Mascot" by artist Ted Dastick, Jr.; Winning bid: $13,750
  • "Ben Phranklin" by artist Deborah Waldron; Winning bid: $12,100
  • "Music Phanatic" by artist Dane Tilghman; Winning bid: $11,200
  • "All-Starry Night" by artist Gary Jameson; Winning bid: $10,100
  • "Philanatic" by artists Lilliana DiDovic and Ronnie Norpel; Winning bid: $12,000
  • "The Sound of Phillie Phanatic" by artist Brian Condron; Winning bid: $9,700
  • "Phanatico Latino" by artist Marta Sanchez; Winning bid: $6,000
  • "Inside Out" by artist Donnamarie Davis; Winning bid: $3,600
  • "Key to Golden Love" by artist Jacqueline Cornette; Winning bid: $3,502

"We are thrilled with the results of the Phanatic Around Town public art program and online auction," said Mike Harris, Director, Marketing and Special Projects. "Since the program launched in April, there have been thousands of photos taken with the Phanatic statues, and that excitement has no doubt carried over to the online auction for Phillies Charities. Phanatic Around Town was a total team effort, and could not have been done without our partners at the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, as well as the 20 artists who created Phanatic masterpieces, the many local attractions who took part, and all our fans who have been incredibly supportive all year in so many ways."

"The Phanatic Around Town public art project was a grand slam," said Angela Val, Vice President of Special Projects, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC). "We love all of our partnerships with the Philadelphia Phillies. Fans and visitors were given another fun way to tour Philadelphia's attractions, and they loved us back by posting their favorite Phanatic statue photo to our page. GPTMC congratulates the Phillies on the success of the auction for Phillies Charities."


At the start of the 2010 Phillies season, the Phillies and GPTMC teamed up to launch the Phanatic Around Town public art project. The tourism and fan initiative featured the Phillie Phanatic, one of Philadelphia's favorite icons, and tied into GPTMC's With Love, Philadelphia XOXO™ tourism marketing campaign.

This was the first time a Major League Baseball mascot had been molded into a public art project. All of the 20 statues were painted by local artists and on display this summer at local attractions. The entire lineup was also recently on display at Citizens Bank Park until the end of the Phillies regular season.

Fans were able to bid on a series of Phanatic statues from August 27, 2010 until September 30, via an online auction with net proceeds benefitting Phillies Charities. For more information, please visit or

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