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50/50 Raffle

50/50 Raffle Edelman Thompson Edelman Check The 50/50 Raffle is sponsored by Edelman & Thompson.

Play Every Home Game To Win!

An in-stadium fundraiser from Royals Charities in which a lucky fan can win big at every home game in 2015! Staff will sell raffle tickets from the time gates open until the end of the sixth inning. One winning ticket will be selected with the winner taking home half of the evening's net proceeds. The other half will be donated to Royals Charities. Play every home game to win BIG... for charity!

In 2014, Royals Charities raised $645,000 from the proceeds of the 50/50 Raffle to support charities across the Kansas City area. For more information on how your organization can benefit from the 50/50 Raffle, please visit

The Game Plan
50/50 Raffle Tickets will be sold from the time stadium gates open until the last out of the sixth inning
If a game does not start on time or is delayed during the first two innings, raffle tickets will be sold for at least three hours from the time stadium gates open
Tickets will be on sale throughout the concourse and seating areas, Royals Charities Headquarters, and the View Level 50/50 Raffle station
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A Second Chance to Win!

You've played the Royals Charities 50/50 Raffle presented by Edelman & Thompson every home game, but you haven't been a lucky winner yet. This is your second chance! Enter now to win exciting Royals prizes.

50/50 Second Chance Sweepstakes
Join the 50/50 Raffle Team!

Royals Charities is looking for dependable, enthusiastic, and hard-working individuals to sell 50/50 Raffle tickets during Royals home games.

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Game Winning Ticket Winning Amount Prize Claimed? Total Raised Winner Charity Raffle Prize
April 6
vs. White Sox
A213569 $20,685 Yes $41,370
April 8
vs. White Sox
B284762 $5,245 No $10,489
April 9
vs. White Sox
C159603 $4,884 No $9,768
April 17
vs. Athletics
D181181 $9,259 No $18,517
April 18
vs. Athletics
E265608 $10,236 No $20,471
April 19
vs. Athletics
F136902 $8,511 No $17,021
April 20
vs. Twins
G101689 $4,713 No $9,426
April 21
vs. Twins
H115323 $5,256 No $10,511
April 22
vs. Twins
I127295 $4,880 No $9,759
April 30
vs. Tigers
J101075 $8,232 No $16,464
May 1
vs. Tigers
K141076 $10,460 No $20,919
May 2
vs. Tigers
L156983 $15,059 No $30,118
May 3
vs. Tigers
M138115 $9,624 No $19,248
May 5
vs. Indians
N114352 $6,886 No $13,772
May 6
vs. Indians
O160768 $5,031 No $10,061
May 7
vs. Indians
P160819 $3,503 No $7,005
May 15
vs. Yankees
Q139456 $11,613 No $23,226
May 16
vs. Yankees
R294419 $8,817 No $17,634
May 17
vs. Yankees
S130755 $10,934 No $21,868
May 19
vs. Reds
T138078 $5,154 No $10,308
May 20
vs. Reds
U105433 $5,337 No $10,673
May 22
vs. Cardinals
V102461 $13,069 No $26,138
May 23
vs. Cardinals
W138278 $11,865 No $23,730
May 24
vs. Cardinals
X109799 $9,024 No $18,048