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Parking & Directions

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  • Directions to Kauffman Stadium

    1. Head into Kansas City on Interstate 70
    2. Take Exit #9 - Blue Ridge Cutoff/Sports Complex
    1. Head into Kansas City on Interstate 70
    2. Take Exit #7B - Manchester Trafficway, turn left and proceed to Gate 5 or Take Exit #9 - Blue Ridge Cutoff/Sports Complex
    1. Head into Kansas City on Interstate 435
    2. Take Exit #63 C - Raytown Road/Stadium Drive, Sports Complex exit
    1. Head into Kansas City on Interstate 435
    2. Take Exit #63 B (left exit) - I-70 East/Sports Complex exit *OR* Take Exit# 63 A - I-70 West, then take Exit #7B - Manchester Trafficway, turn left and proceed to Gate 5

    We encourage our guests to ARRIVE EARLY.

  • Exiting Kauffman Stadium

    We have revised our traffic exit plan to enhance vehicle safety and egress times. Please note that I-70 and I-435 highways continue to both be accessible with this traffic plan at any exit.


    • Gate 1 is not an exit and is intended only for vehicles to enter for picking up guests at the ballpark.
    • Gate 2 has not changed and still allows guests to turn left or right onto Blue Ridge Cutoff.
    • Gate 3 is not an exit.
    • Gate 4 will only allow guests to turn left onto Raytown Road.
    • Gate 5 will only allow guests to turn right onto Raytown Road.
    • Gate 6 will only allow guests to turn left onto Stadium Drive.
    • The Premium Entrance/Bus Exit above Lot J will only allow guests to turn right onto Stadium Drive.
    • Parking Map

    Download Exit Map PDF

    "After listening to our guest's feedback and carefully observing our traffic exit plan, we feel confident that the changes we have recently made will most importantly provide a safer experience for our guests leaving the ballpark and will also speed up the egress time it takes to get out of the complex for our guests. We feel confident that this new traffic exit plan will enhance our overall guest experience". - Anthony Mozzicato, Director of Guest Experience

    Any guest requiring additional parking instructions or assistance may email or call the game day assistance phone line at 816-504-4040, option 5.

  • Parking Info

    Parking at The K was updated as part of the $250 million renovation of Kauffman Stadium. Because of this, you won't be able to drive your vehicle from the West Parking Lot to the East Parking Lot (or vice-versa) once you've entered the stadium complex. Please take a look at the parking map below and decide on which side of The K you want to park before you leave for the ballpark. Be sure to reference the correct interstate and parking gate to enter in order to park on the side of the The K that you prefer. Frequently Asked Questions About Parking »

    • Parking Map

    Download Parking Map PDF

    For additional information, check out the Parking FAQs, e-mail or call 816-504-4040, option 5 to speak to a customer service representative.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Parking

    General Info
    What has changed?

    The redesigned access and parking system was implemented in 2008 and was just one of the first visible steps in the overall Kauffman Stadium improvement project. The parking procedures will remain in place in 2009 and beyond. The Royals designed this system in order to provide a safer, more efficient experience for our guests. The plan will safely accommodate more guests by using all points-of-entry and reducing pedestrian-vehicle congestion points. These updates are consistent with the parking and access plans utilized at most major sports and entertainment venues, including Arrowhead Stadium.

    What, specifically, is the number one thing guests can do to ensure a smooth experience when parking at Kauffman Stadium?

    The overall message is simple: please take a couple of minutes before your trip to Kauffman Stadium and plan your route by consulting By doing so, you'll ensure a pleasant experience when arriving at the Stadium.

    Who should I contact if I have questions about parking?

    For additional information, please e-mail or call 816-504-4040, option 5 to speak to a customer service representative.

    How much does it cost to park at Kauffman Stadium?

    2015 Regular-Season Game Parking is $12 for cars and motorcycles, $17 for oversized vehicles and $20 for RV's, buses and empty tractor-trailers. An oversized vehicle is any vehicle that takes up more than one parking space. *Day of game parking is cash only.

    What time do the tollgates open on gamedays?

    The tollgates are staffed with parking personnel beginning several hours prior to the scheduled first pitch. The specific time depends on the anticipated attendance. Please note that the Royals Box Office opens at 9:00 a.m. on gamedays and is accessible through Gates 2, 5, and 6 for guests purchasing tickets and then exiting the Truman Sports Complex. You can also buy your tickets on up to game time, and print your tickets at home, get them delivered to your mobile phone, or have them waiting for you at Will Call.

    How will the Royals determine in which specific lot I park?

    Upon entering, parking personnel will direct you to the appropriate lot (Premium Lot, Reserved Lot or General Lot) closest to the Stadium and dependent on Season Ticket reserved spaces.

    I usually sit on the third-base side but prefer to enter the Stadium from Blue Ridge Cutoff. Can I still do this?

    Absolutely. While the plan is designed to eliminate cross-traffic between the east and west parking lots, we understand that guests may choose to park on the side of the Stadium that is most convenient for them to access. In this example, guests may enter the parking lot from Blue Ridge Cutoff, park on the east side of the Stadium, and make their way to the third-base (west) side of the seating bowl.

    How will I exit the parking lots?

    All tollgates and roads used to access Kauffman Stadium will also be open to accommodate traffic exiting the Truman Sports Complex, and guests will be directed out of the complex via access roads that are nearest to their parking lot. Simply put, you will be asked to exit the same way that you entered.

    I would like to purchase tickets at Kauffman Stadium early in the day before the crowd arrives for the game. What procedures do I need to follow?

    During the season, the Royals will have advance ticket booths located at the main box office at Gate C. Please see the chart below for Kauffman Stadium Box Office Hours. As in parking for the game, please refer to for the best route to access the stadium from your point-of-origin.

    Day Game Day Non-Game Day
    Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 7th inning 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 7th inning 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 7th inning Closed
    Premium and Reserved Parking
    I have passes for the Reserved Lots, which are on both sides of the Stadium. Do I have to park in one specific lot?

    You may park in any lot designated as Reserved Lot Parking. This is designed to give guests more flexibility since you can decide on which side of the stadium you would like to park.

    Am I required to park in the Reserved Lot closest to the Stadium? I would prefer to park in a Reserved Lot closer to an exit gate so it's easier to leave the Stadium.

    Assuming spaces are available, you may park in any lot corresponding to your parking level (Premium, Reserved or general).

    With Premium Lot parking, am I required to use the dedicated Premium Lot entrance on Royals Way (just north of Gate 6)?

    No, you may access Premium Lot parking from any gate. However, for those Premium Lot customers accessing the Complex from the west side of Kauffman, we do encourage you to use the Premium Lot entrance on Royals Way - it's designed to provide the quickest access.

    Parking for Guests with disabilities
    How is the drop-off process for guest with disabilities handled?

    The Royals encourage vehicles dropping off a guest to enter the complex through either Gates 3 or 4 and to let the traffic directors know they wish to drop-off a guest. The car will be directed to Gate D and can drop off at the curb.

    Has the number of disabled parking spaces changed since the new plan was implemented?

    The Royals remain committed to the needs of our guests, especially those who may need a little extra help getting around the ballpark, and exceed the number of disabled parking spaces required by the ADA. In addition, there is an increased number of shuttles available to help transport guests to the Stadium gates, and Royals staff present at all gates to assist guests.

    How can I get assistance from the parking lot to the stadium?

    The courtesy golf cart shuttles will operate for each of the Royals 81 home games, shuttling guests needing assistance from the Truman Sports Complex parking lots to the Kauffman Stadium gates. Prior to and during the game, Guest Ambassadors provide shuttle service for guests from the parking lots. Please let your nearest parking attendant know if you are in need of golf cart assistance or guests may call the Gameday Assistance Hotline (816-504-4040, option #5) as well once parked. After the event, cart shuttles pick up guests requiring assistance from all Gates (A, B, C, D, and E) to the parking lots. All cart shuttles will drop off on the perimeter of the parking lots. Disabled courtesy cart pick up locations are available at all Gates and will transport handicapped guests to their vehicles. Please feel free to visit any Guest Services office for additional assistance or questions.

    I have an oversized vehicle - where will I be directed to park?

    Oversized vehicles (taking up more than one space in the lot) will be directed to park in Lot L (first base/east side) or Lot N (third base/west wide).

    We are traveling to the Stadium by bus. Where should we enter and is there a drop off point near the Stadium entrances for buses?

    Buses can enter via the Premium Entrance/Bus Exit next to Gate 6 off of Stadium Drive and drop off at Gate B. Please exit out of the Bus Exit/Premium Entrance next to Gate 6 only.

    I'm riding my bike to the game, is there a place where I can chain it up?

    Bicycles may enter through any gate and can be chained to the outside of the media fence at Lot B.