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Community Awards

Player Awards


Our 2013 award winner Denard Span covers a lot of ground in the TwinsÂ’ outfield and is one of the best leadoff hitters in the game. He works to be as versatile and helpful in the community as he is on the field.

Denard supports and serves as spokesman for the TwinsÂ’ Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities program, a Major League Baseball youth baseball and softball program that the Twins Community Fund administers at Minneapolis and St. Paul Parks. Denard helps to promote playing baseball and softball and serves as a role model for the youth in the program.

Denard helps to raise funds for the RBI program by hosting a bowling tournament that benefits Friends of St. Paul Baseball and the Twins Community Fund. Twins and Pins began in 2010 and Denard invites his teammates to bowl with sponsors and supporters.

Span also visits with youth from the baseball and softball leagues at Twins games where they get autographs and tickets to stay to watch the game.

Past Winners:

  • 1999, Ron Coomer
  • 2000, Denny Hocking
  • 2001, Corey Koskie
  • 2002, Brad Radke
  • 2003, Doug Mientkiewicz
  • 2004, Torii Hunter
  • 2005, Ron Gardenhire
  • 2006, Michael Cuddyer
  • 2007, Johan Santana
  • 2008, Joe Mauer
  • 2009, Justin Morneau
  • 2010, Jesse Crain
  • 2011, Carl Pavano
  • 2012, Denard Span
  • 2013, Denard Span


Our 2013 award winner Roy Smalley grew-up in a baseball family. After a long career in baseball, he strives to make sure disabled and less-fortunate youth have the same opportunities he did.

Roy, now a financial advisor and television broadcaster, was recently named President of the Board of Directors of Pitch In For Baseball, an organization dedicated to spreading America's pastime to kids all over the world. Pitch In For Baseball collects and delivers new and gently-used youth baseball and softball equipment to underserved communities in the Upper Midwest and around the globe.

Roy also lends his time and talents to Special Olympics, a sports organization for disabled individuals. Roy has been the Executive Director of the Special Olympic World Games and has helped to create awareness and funds for the organization.

In addition, Roy makes himself available to local nonprofit organizations, such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities to help them raise funds. He also partners with FS North to recognize and assist military members and their families.

Roy also spends countless hours signing autographs at TwinsFest and Autograph Party, helping to raise more than $280,000 for the Twins Community Fund.

Past Winners:

  • 2006, Harmon Killebrew
  • 2007, Tony Oliva
  • 2008, Kent Hrbek
  • 2009, Rod Carew
  • 2010, Bert Blyleven
  • 2011, Terry Steinbach
  • 2012, Roy Smalley
  • 2013, Roy Smalley