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Nick Hernandez (Photo:

Biographical Data
Player Name:Nick Hernandez
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:University of Tennessee
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:200 lbs.
Report Date(s):3/27/09

Focus Area
Fastball:Hernandez can touch 90 mph with his fastball, but sits around 86-89 mph, with little room for improvement.
Fastball movement:He keeps his fastball down in the zone.
Curve:It's a tick below average, but he makes up for it with an ability to locate it well.
Changeup:A good offering that helps the fastball play up a little.
Control:The quintessential control and command guy, he's had very good walk rates throughout his career.
Poise:Handles himself well on the mound and always tries to give his team a chance to win.
Physical Description:Hernandez is a mature lefty who will have to watch his weight a little in the future. He's got a big frame, narrow, sloping shoulders with a thick and developed midsection.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Knows how to pitch, locating his pitches and mixing speeds well.
Weaknesses:Doesn't have the stuff to dominate or shut down an opponent. He doesn't have a true out pitch.
Summary:Hernandez is a pure pitchability lefty, who doesn't have plus stuff, but plays up what he does have with a good feel for pitching and excellent command. He won't dominate an opponent, but he's the type who will pitch to contact and get deep into games while giving his team a chance to win. He's not the type who'll go real high, but there's always value for southpaws who know what they're doing on the mound.