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PHI@FLA: Brown misses the bag while rounding second

MIAMI -- Charlie Manuel couldn't have looked more frustrated Wednesday at Sun Life Stadium.

Slouched in his chair, he stared a hole through the desk, looking up only occasionally to answer questions.

"It slipped away from us," the Phillies manager said.

The Marlins beat the Phillies, 7-6, when Mike Stanton hit a solo home run in the bottom of the 10th inning. Phillies right-hander Danys Baez took the loss, but the game never should have reached the 10th. The Phils had 4-0 and 6-3 leads, only to hand the Marlins the comeback victory with some sloppy play.

There were several things that contributed to this loss, but Phillies rookie Domonic Brown took the blame for all of it. He had a fielding error in right field in the third inning that cost the Phillies two runs, but had a bigger baserunning error in the sixth inning that cost the Phillies a run.

"It cost us the game," Brown said. "Live and learn."

Brown ripped a ball to center field in the sixth. He ran hard the entire way, rounding second and cruising into third for an apparent leadoff triple.

But there was one problem with the triple.

He never touched second base.

The Marlins smartly appealed the play, and second-base umpire Kerwin Danley called out Brown. Brown knew he had been caught, quietly returning to the dugout without saying a word. Had he touched second base, he certainly would have raised his arms in shock or shouted into the dugout for help.

Manuel jogged onto the field and argued on Brown's behalf, but Danley told him it was "obvious" Brown missed the base. Instant replay showed Brown missed the bag by inches, but it didn't matter.

"I didn't touch the base," Brown said. "Right there, I've at least got to go back and take the double. I don't know what I was thinking about there. Too aggressive, I guess."

The play proved costly, because John Mayberry Jr. hit a home run to left field in the next at-bat to make it 6-3.

It should have been Mayberry's second two-run homer of the night. He hit a two-run homer to left in the second inning to give the Phillies a 2-0 lead.

But even with Brown's miscues in the field and on the bases, the Phillies still held a comfortable lead. Manuel pulled Kyle Kendrick after five innings. Kendrick allowed seven hits, three runs (one earned run) and two walks with two strikeouts. Kendrick said it wasn't necessarily pretty, but he pointed out he did not allow a run his last two innings.

Manuel felt he had gotten enough from him.

"I took him out, didn't I?" the manager said.

Kendrick wasn't happy about it.

"It's not my decision," he said. "I threw 80 pitches. Was I happy? No. ... I don't think anybody wants to come out of the game there."

David Herndon took Kendrick's place. He allowed a two-run homer in the sixth to make it 6-5. Andrew Carpenter allowed a run in the seventh inning to tie the game. The Phillies' offense went hitless after Mayberry's one-out homer in the sixth, as the Marlins retired 14 of the final 16 batters they faced.

"We made a lot of mistakes mentally and physically," Manuel said. "That's what happens. They capitalized on everything we did wrong, and they came back and tied the game up."

The Phillies hopped on a flight late Wednesday night for Philadelphia. They went 4-2 on their six-game road trip through Toronto and Florida. In the two games they lost, they scored a combined 11 runs, which is unusual for a team that has pitched so well.

Those things happen, but it wouldn't make Manuel feel any better about this loss. The Phillies gave it away and he knew it. Comments