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Midterm Report 2008

Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez could set a single-season saves record. (Julie Jacobson/AP)
You can't waste your time thinking about what might have been. Couldas and shouldas are banned. On the other side of the fence is what could be -- now, that's as baseball as red seams and the Commissioner's signature.  Full story >

In the second half, top prospects change hands at trade deadline time. Teams out of the running give kids a chance to show what they can do. Contenders look within for a boost down the stretch. Full story >
•  Bauman: Parity name of the game in 2008
•  Roundtable: What's up with NL West?  Watch


First-half video highlights
• May 12: Asdrubal Cabrera's unassisted triple play:   Watch
• May 14: Manny Ramirez snares a liner, high-fives fan:   Watch
• May 19: Jon Lester no-hits the Royals:   Watch
• June 9: Ken Griffey Jr. joins the 600-homer club:   Watch
A look back at the first half