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Winter Meetings

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Mets' focus squarely on a starter

With Orlando Hernandez and recently re-signed Tom Glavine already in tow, the Mets remain on the hunt for another key starter. While the Mets have been linked to free agent Barry Zito, GM Omar Minaya may be looking at this week's Winter Meetings as a place to wheel and deal. "I think we can do what we need to do by trading," Minaya said.

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Cubs ready to go at Winter Meetings

General manager Jim Hendry has yet to meet with the agent for Ted Lilly, to whom the team made an offer last week. On Sunday, Hendry would not go into specifics about any negotiations, and would not comment on a rumored offer to Barry Zito. The team was not believed to have made an offer to the left-hander.

Sox will be hard at work during Winter Meetings

Theo Epstein probably won't be getting much rest at the Winter Meetings in Orlando, Fla., as the Sox GM and his assistants have several pressing needs heading into 2007. is your exclusive home for complete live coverage of the Winter Meetings.
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Sights & Sounds

Soriano's press conference:

Alfonso Soriano is formally introduced to the Chicago media on Thursday. 350K

Hot Stove Show, Nov. 30:


Okajima meets press:


Dodgers introduce Wolf, Pierre:

• Zaun's press conference: 350K • Hot Stove Show, 11/29: 350K