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Phillies stock up on pitching
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06/04/2002 10:07 pm ET 
Phillies stock up on pitching
Third base another target in draft's first day
By Ken Mandel /

PHILADELPHIA -- Subscribing to the "you can never have too much pitching" theory, the Phillies filled up on young throwers, selecting 10 pitchers on day one of the MLB First-Year Player Draft.

Ten of the Phillies' first 22 picks were pitchers -- including three of their first four picks. The Phillies also scoured the high schools in the early rounds; three of their first four selections were from the prep ranks.

The 12 position players break down as follows: five third basemen, three catchers, two shortstops and two center fielders.

"We got some good, young power bats," said Marti Wolever, Phillies director of scouting.

In the fifth round, Philadelphia took Jake Blalock, younger brother of Texas prospect Hank Blalock and teammate of first-rounder Cole Hamels at Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego.

"I was shocked he was still there," Wolever said. "Everyone had seen him play."

The following are Wolever's comments on each of the Phillies' first-day selections:

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Cole Hamels, LHP, Rancho Bernardo H.S., Calif.: "He's got an average to above curveball and this spring we've seen an average to above change. So he's got three pitches that are at least average to above. We're pretty confident about his health."

Zach Segovia, RHP, Forney H.S., Tex.: "Plus fastball, plus slider. Huge upside. A really good kid. Very aggressive, strong and durable. He's very attractive, but he's got a big ceiling, too."

Kiel Fisher 3B, Riverside Poly H.S., Calif.: "Left-handed hitting third baseman, around 6-foot-4. A good hitter, good aptitude. A good defensive player. Big ceiling with the bat. I think he has a chance to have some power down the road."

Nicholas Bourgeois, LHP, Tulane Univ.: "A little bit of a finesse guy. He runs it up to 90 and can pitch a little. Has a chance to be a fifth-starter-type guy, maybe a little better than that."

Jake Blalock, 3B, Rancho Bernardo H.S., Calif.: "Shortstop in high school with a lot of power and good defensively. Great work habits. I think he's bigger than his brother."

William Gwaltney, RHP, Louisiana Tech Univ.: "A guy who has great command up to 93 mph. He's a pretty polished guy right now. We think he has a chance to move pretty quickly though the system and be a fourth, fifth starter hopefully."

Robert Read IV, RHP, Florida State Univ.: "Kind of the same [as Gwaltney]. He's a college junior, though. Good stuff, good command."

Steven Doetsch, CF, Dunedin H.S., Fla.: "A guy with a lot of tools. Can run, throw, hit with power. Just needs to kind of corral them all. A scout's dream because he has all the tools you're looking for."

Robert Harrand, RHP, San Diego State Univ.: "A 22-year-old, 6-foot-5 with a great arm. He just needs to work a little bit on his secondary pitches. He has a chance to be a long relief guy, maybe more."

Ryan Barthelemy, 3B, Florida State Univ.: "This guy's hit everywhere he's gone. College, Cape Cod in the summertime. He can really swing the bat and comes to play every day."

Theodore Beam Jr., RHP, Univ. of Mississippi: "A reliever with a great arm. He's trying to work on his second and third pitches but has a great foundation to build with."

Trent Pratt, C, Auburn Univ.: "A good catch-and-throw guy, but he's got some bat. A chance to be a backup guy."

Brian Manfred, C, San Diego State Univ.: "Same [as Pratt]. I just saw him last week. He hit about .300 for his college team so he has a chance to swing the bat a little bit."

Darin Naatjes, RHP, Stanford Univ.: "He's not too far from where I live. Six-foot-7, right-handed pitcher. Big upside as a pitcher. We hope he makes a decision to come play with us. He's a great athlete."

Victor Menocal, SS, Georgia Tech: "Catch-and-throw guy. We hope the bat comes along, but if not, maybe he'll think about getting on the mound."

Omar Bramasco, SS, Long Beach (Calif.) CC: "He's got a chance to hit a little bit. We'd like to flip him over to the other side of the bag maybe, and go from there, but he's got some tools."

Scott Mathieson, RHP, Aldergrove Secondary School, B.C.: "He's a high-ceiling kid from Canada. He's a 6-foot-4 right-hander who throws 89-90. He's got to thaw out a little bit but he's got a lot to work with."

Chad Oliva, C, Jacksonville Univ.: "I think Chad set some records for home runs at Jacksonville. A good bat."

Robert Korecky, RHP, Univ. of Michigan: "Been a Friday night starter for them (a college team's best pitcher), throws strikes. Good command with a chance to be a bullpen guy or fifth starter."

Karl Nonemaker, CF, Vanderbilt Univ.: "An outfielder who can run, throw and has a little pop in his bat. College senior."

Brett McMillan, 3B, Ponderosa H.S., Calif.: "Was projected anywhere from the first to fifth round, and his stock fell a little bit -- money issues and he's going to UCLA to play -- but he's got a big upside with the bat. He might not sign, but we'd love to have him."

Bradley McCann, 3B, Gulf Coast (Fla.) CC: "We'd like to sign him, but if not we hope to retain the rights to him and sign him next year."

Ken Mandel covers the Phillies for and can be reached at This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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