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05/24/07 1:04 AM ET

Myers leaves game with injury

Phils closer strains right shoulder in ninth inning

MIAMI -- Brett Myers might have smiled if it didn't hurt to laugh. His shoulder wrapped in ice, the closer was the unfortunate casualty in Philadelphia's 8-7 win over the Marlins.

With highlights of the win playing in the background, Myers composed himself to talk about a right shoulder injury that could keep him out of games for a few days -- or, gasp, longer.

"I'll find out how it feels [Thursday]," Myers said. "I don't know anything about it right now. When I came in here, it started spazzing a little bit. I don't know what that means."

In the short term, it means Myers likely won't be closing games. He was checked out by the Marlins team doctor and will return to Philadelphia on Thursday if further tests are required, according to assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr.

Warmed and ready in what had been a one-run game at the top of the ninth, Myers entered the game with the Phillies leading by four runs, and surrendered bloop singles to Todd Linden and Alfredo Amezaga. Both scored on Dan Uggla's triple. He struck out Miguel Cabrera, hit Josh Willingham and struck out Jeremy Hermida.

Aaron Boone's single brought in Hanley Ramirez, who reached when Greg Dobbs mistakenly threw the ball home on his bunt, despite there being no play at the plate. Two pitches later, Myers uncorked a wild pitch that moved the runners to second and third. His 27th pitch forced him from the game with what was later diagnosed as a right shoulder strain, and an incredible source of worry for the Phillies.

"No, I was trying to make a quality pitch and it just didn't work," Myers said. "It felt weird. It was just one of those things where I felt I better not throw another pitch, because something might happen. I don't ever expect anything like this. I felt fine throwing and everything felt great. Just one pitch, you know?"

"I felt it after the first pitch to Olivo. I didn't even know where the second one was going. I don't think [the shoulder] popped or tore. If it would have, I wouldn't have any strength in it right now. I have strength."

The what-if scenarios permeated the clubhouse after the game, as many felt Myers shouldn't have been in that situation. What if one of the first two bloop hits doesn't fall? What if Dobbs doesn't throw home when he should've taken an out? What if Rod Barajas blocked Ramirez from getting anywhere near the plate?

What if... ?

"I feel tremendously responsible for that inning because we should've had three outs," said Dobbs. "I should've taken the ball and either tagged Ramirez or gone to the bag, instead of being way too aggressive. It was just stupid. And now all those extra pitches for Brett. I'm praying to God that he's going to be OK. I'm praying that I didn't aid in him being out for an extended amount of time because of how important he is to us. I haven't talked to him yet, because I'm sick to my stomach. I want to eat, but can't."

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