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06/29/08 6:42 PM ET

Hamels-Blalock showdown on hold

Phillie, Ranger attended same San Diego high school

ARLINGTON -- While no injury comes at a good time for a player, the painful right wrist has been particularly unfortunate for Rangers third baseman Hank Blalock.

It forced him to watch Philadelphia lefty Cole Hamels from the Texas bench on Saturday night, instead of digging in against a fellow Rancho Bernardo (San Diego) High School graduate.

"That was one of the days I had circled on the calendar," Blalock said. "It would've been fun, a little Rancho Bernardo matchup. I'll be able to face him in the future."

Hamels also hoped to challenge the older brother of Jake Blalock, one of Hamels' best friends and a Minor Leaguer in the Phillies' organization. Hank Blalock always treated Hamels well in high school, despite the age gap.

"I've never faced him competitively," Hamels said. "I thought that would be interesting. I know there will be another opportunity. It's nice to see one of your teammates playing in the big leagues."

The Blalocks were a big part of Hamels' life. Sam Blalock, Hank's uncle, coached the high school baseball team, while Dana Blalock, Hank's father, coached the Encinitas Reds, a traveling team in San Diego.

Blalock came to Philadelphia with the Rangers in 2005 -- while Hamels was in the Minor Leagues. He's always followed the young Phils lefty's career.

"When he was a freshman, with how smooth his mechanics were, and his control, I always thought if he could get bigger and stronger and learn to throw harder, he could be a big-time pitcher," Blalock said of Hamels. "He always had a good changeup, and that's a tough pitch to learn. If it comes naturally to you, obviously you can see the results. He's turned himself into a No. 1 starter."

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