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10/02/08 11:22 PM ET

Phils make history in wins over Brewers

Grab 2-0 Division Series lead after scoring in just two innings

Abiding by the proverbial advice to not waste runs, but save them for when they're needed, the Phillies have grabbed a commanding National League Division Series lead in historic fashion.

One and Done
Only five times in history has a team won consecutive postseason games with only two scoring innings. The Phillies, who scored all their runs in the third inning Wednesday and in the second inning Thursday, are the first to do it in Games 1-2. The previous it was done was by Atlanta in Games 2-3 of the NLCS against the Mets. The other times:
1996 New York Yankees, World Series Games 5 and 6: 1-0 and 3-2 over the Braves
1966 Baltimore Orioles, World Series Games 3 and 4: 1-0 and 1-0 over the Los Angeles Dodgers
1929 Philadelphia Athletics, World Series Games 4 and 5: 10-8 and 3-2 over the Chicago Cubs

Philadelphia has taken a 2-0 jump on the Milwaukee Brewers, needing only two scoring innings to do so.

This marks the first time a team has won the opening two games of any postseason series while scoring in only two innings -- and only the fifth time in history that a club has won consecutive playoff games under those circumstances.

In Wednesday night's 3-1 Game 1 victory at Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies scored all their runs in a third-inning rally keyed by Chase Utley's two-run double.

Thursday night's 5-2 Game 2 triumph featured Shane Victorino's grand slam, which dotted the five-run second-inning ambush of CC Sabathia.

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