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10/05/08 6:12 PM ET

Joe Blanton postgame interview

Pitcher's main focus is giving the team a chance to win

How satisfying is it to turn a performance like this under these circumstances?

JOE BLANTON: You know, it's awesome. I mean, all the credit really goes to the offense, though. Jimmy [Rollins] came out of the gates and really set the tone. You know, really gave us some momentum early.

Then later Pat [Burrell] came through with the big blow. That's huge. That really gives you a lot of confidence pitching to go out and attack the zone and feel a little more comfortable.

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What were you doing out there? The Brewers got the leadoff hitter on, two innings in a row, and at that point you just seemed to shut them down. What were you doing that was keeping the hitters off balance the whole day?

JOE BLANTON: Just trying to attack the zone. [Carlos] Ruiz did a great job of calling the game today. We got in a great rhythm early, and I really tried not to change anything once runners got on, because it was working when nobody was on.

So I just kept trying to attack the zone, and hopefully good things would happen, and I was fortunate enough where they did.

Do you think that you still had anything to prove to Philadelphia people today, to the fans, going into today's game?

JOE BLANTON: No. I mean, I guess -- I don't know, I didn't really think about it. I haven't thought about it. I just go out and play the game the best I can every time, every fifth day or whatever it is, every start, and try to give the team a chance to win. That's my main focus, is just helping us in any way I can.

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