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06/20/09 7:08 PM ET

Manuel has sprained wrist after collision

Left hand jams against chest while player exits dugout

PHILADELPHIA -- Whichever Phillies player ran into Charlie Manuel earlier this week, beware: Even a sprained left wrist won't debilitate the manager, who's ambidextrous in at least one regard.

"Both of them's my punching hand," he said.

Manuel was wearing a wrist splint on Saturday, the result of a collision with a member of his squad. The player -- whose identity Manuel still does not know -- was in the Phillies dugout during what Manuel believes to be Thursday's 8-7 loss to the Blue Jays, running out towards the field when he hit Manuel's hand and jammed it against the 65-year-old's chest.

"All that weight I lost, and he still can't get around me," Manuel said.

He was a little sore after the game, but he woke up in the middle of the night in more substantial pain. X-rays were negative, and the training staff diagnosed the sprain.

Unlike Scott Eyre, Raul Ibanez, Brett Myers and Brad Lidge, though, Manuel can bounce back without missing any time.

Or, as he put it, "I don't go on the DL."

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