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10/31/09 9:31 PM EST

Fans get in Halloween spirit at Game 3

Plenty of costumes join team gear at Citizens Bank Park

PHILADELPHIA -- The atmosphere for a World Series game at Citizens Bank Park has already proven itself to be loud and raucous. Throw in the fact that Game 3 is on Oct. 31, and it becomes even more festive in the City of Brotherly Love.

Amid the usual white pinstriped jerseys and red T-shirts that packed the concourses of Citizens Bank Park before Game 3 were dozens of Phillies and Yankees fans celebrating Halloween in style.

"We thought about it actually during the [National League Championship Series]," said Jim Bonner, decked out in a red gorilla suit. "We have season tickets so we knew we had tickets to this game."

Since it was just the second Major League Baseball game played on Halloween, Bonner, his brother Bill, and their friend, Dave Reid, decided to go all-out. Bill Bonner rented a cow costume while Reid stole most of the attention dressed as a chicken in a Phillies jersey. Even in the rain on the concourse, the three were stopped every few steps for photos.

The same was true of Harrisburg's Kyle Robbins, who might have had the night's most popular costume: a beer keg.

"I thought it would be a definite attention-getter for a baseball game," Robbins said. "I've had a lot of people take pictures with me."

Other fans took a more muted, accessory-based approach. Plenty of devil's horns and bright wigs could be spotted peaking through umbrellas in the crowd.

"We wanted something simple but fun," said Kristen Sebura of Washington, D.C. Sebura sported cat ears and whiskers while her husband, Nathan, threw on a triangular goatee by "NY" paint on his face. "We usually dress up."

The two Yankees fans said they'd already received a little abuse from the Phillies faithful.

"It's kind of rough, but you deal with it," said Kristen Sebura.

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"It's been a little sketchy," Nathan Sebura added. "You have to expect it."

Stefanie Winston, another Yankees fan, was able to deflect attention from her Yankees hoodie with her wings.

"I'm dressed up as a fairy, so it's hard to yell at me," she said.

Brittany and Mary Katherine Weber followed suit as fairies, with Brittany Weber pointing out that the Phillies' parade to celebrate last year's championship also fell on Halloween.

The motivation for most of the fans in costume was as simple as the date: "It's Halloween," they almost unanimously said.

And although the most popular accessory in the crowd may have been a poncho on a wet Saturday night, the fans' enthusiasm was far from dampened.

"We wouldn't be dressed up like this if we weren't very excited," said Bill Bonner.

Sara McNamara, dressed as Pocahontas, summed it all up: "It's Halloween, it's a Phillies game. It's going to be the best night of our whole entire year."

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