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12/19/11 8:37 PM EST

Departures didn't impact Rollins' decision

Shortstop not swayed by former teammates' struggles

PHILADELPHIA -- Jimmy Rollins has watched a few Phillies teammates leave as free agents in recent years. Aaron Rowand to the Giants after the 2007 season. Pat Burrell to the Rays following the world championship in 2008. Jayson Werth to the Nationals last season.

None put up the same kind of numbers following their departures that they did while helping the Phillies make the playoffs.

Rollins insisted, though, that their experiences had no bearing on his desire to remain in Philadelphia.

"Not at all, really," he said. "Pat's situation, he ended up with a team that had just played [against the Phillies] in the World Series. Change in roles, coming from being a left fielder to being a DH. And he found himself ultimately in San Francisco and won another World Series, so his worked out very well. Jayson Werth, I mean, $126 million. You can't blame a guy for going anywhere for that amount of money, especially if no one else is in the ballpark.

"His situation still has to work out. He still has another [six] years over there. One bad year doesn't mean he did the wrong thing."

Rollins smiled impishly.

"Of course, he's not going to beat us, but he can turn what he's done around," he added.

He also said he wasn't upset that Jose Reyes, the other big-name shortstop on the market, got a six-year, $106 million deal from the Marlins while he received three years and an option for a guaranteed value of $38 million.

"That's what he meant to that team," Rollins said, shrugging. "They decided that's what they wanted to pay him, and more power to him. He's an explosive player and an exciting player. ... The man has a skill set that's to be desired. Because he's making more money, that doesn't mean he's [$68] million better than I am."

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