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Dynamic Pricing Faq

The Mets utilize dynamic pricing for group and individual ticket sales. Prices for all games may be adjusted on a real-time basis, either upwards or downwards, based on market demand. The ability for the Mets to adjust prices throughout the season will provide all fans with a variety of pricing options.

Q: Which games are subject to dynamic pricing?
A: All games will be dynamically priced for the 2016 season when purchased as part of a group sale or on a single game basis.
Q: Are tickets that are part of a Full Season or Partial Season Ticket Plan subject to dynamic pricing?
A: Any fixed game plan tickets are not subject to dynamic pricing.
Q: How do you decide when to raise or lower prices?
A: Our Business Analytics team analyzes multiple data points that may include day of week, weather, opponent and many other factors. Timing for price adjustments is not pre-determined and will depend on market conditions.
Q: What happens if prices lower after I buy my tickets?
A: As with all of our tickets, all sales are final. Tickets are priced based on market demand.
Q. How do I find out what the price is for a ticket?
A. Check for the latest ticket prices. Fans should also sign up for the Mets Insider e-newsletter on, follow the Mets on Twitter (@Mets) and like us on Facebook ( for ticket deals throughout the year.