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Phillies Wives Save a Pet at the Park - June 12, 2009

During the June 12 Phillies game, the Phillies Wives raised $30,000 for the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Jen Utley and several of the players and coaches wives hosted a number of PSPCA volunteers and adoptable cats and dogs at this event which also included a silent auction, a Mystery Ball sale and raffle prizes. All of the cats and dogs were adopted and the wives collected hundreds of pet toys the shelter. The event raised $30,000 to help fund the Pennsylvania SPCA's dog park.

A new Save a Pet at the Park calendar also made its debut. This 16-month calendar which begins with September 2009 features players with their own pets plus dogs and cats from the Pennsylvania SPCA. Every calendar also includes one of five player posters. All proceeds benefit the Pennsylvania SPCA.

New Calendar
$20 each
Size: 8 1/2 x11

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