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Baseball Season Begins in Philadelphia

•  RBI/Rookie Coaching Clinc photo gallery

Clinic Fifty plus coaches from the Phillies Rookie and RBI League program came together at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center - a Phillies Rookie/RBI League site - for the sixth Annual Rookie and RBI Coaches Clinic. Juan Namnum, head coach of the Frankford High School Pioneers, instructed coaches on the fundamentals of baseball. Coach Namnum, using several of his varsity Pioneer baseball players as assistants, covered all aspects of the game including stretching, running, throwing, fielding, hitting and pitching. New to the clinic format this year was the opportunity for coaches and volunteers to run through the drills as if they were the players, helping them to better understand how to incorporate drills into their own practices and game situations. "My goal, for running clinics, is that coaches become better teachers. If we all learn a few new skills to pass on, the children will become more successful and enjoy themselves more," said Namnum.

Jon Joaquin, Coordinator of Fan Development with The Phillies, believes this clinic is a great stepping stone in the efforts to bring baseball into the Philadelphia communities. "We receive a lot of inquiries on how to start a league. The only drawback for many is the lack of knowledge their volunteers may have the game." Joaquin explains, " This is a great opportunity for league coaches and volunteers to brush up on their baseball skills and also learn a few more things that they can pass on to their players." Joaquin believes the biggest priority of this program is to provide opportunity for the children. "I commend all the coaches who are donating their time and efforts to help provide a safe and positive experience to the kids of their respective communities."

A clinic for softball coaches in the Rookie and RBI Leagues is currently in the works.