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Red Goes Green

Earth Day

FDR Park Cleanup - 2011

A team of volunteers from the Phillies and Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation broke out the gardening gloves in honor of the 41st anniversary of Earth Day. Members of the Phillies' front office, ballgirls and Phanatic, took part in the second annual Earth Day cleanup at FDR Park in South Philadelphia. Efforts included helping to clean up the areas surrounding Meadow Lake, picking up various litter and debris, as well as spreading woodchips to help beautify the area.

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"Return the Call of the Wild" Used Cell Phone Collection

Fans attending the Citizens Bank Businessperson's Special on April 20 donated hundreds of used cell phones to the Philadelphia Zoo's "Return the Call of the Wild" program.

Cell phones contain many toxic substances, such as arsenic and cobalt. In landfills, toxins often escape into the environment, contaminating natural resources and polluting wildlife habitat. These poisons can travel through animal and human food chains causing birth defects, neurological damage and cancer.

The Philadelphia Zoo receives cash back on all recycled cell phones, some of which are re-used as emergency phones for victims of domestic abuse or redistributed into developing markets such as Latin America for first-time, low-income users.

Funds raised through the Return the Call of the Wild program go to the Endangered Primate Rescue Center, a nonprofit organization working to conserve endangered primates in Vietnam, home of the beautiful douc langur monkey, one of the most-endangered primates in the world.