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What's Happening with the Phanatic

The Phillie Phanatic is now on Instagram!

Baseball's best mascot has arrived on the social media scene this year by creating his own Instagram account. In the past, the Phanatic has had a difficult time with Facebook and Twitter because his hands are too big to type messages to his fans. But in the tradition of some of the biggest celebrities in the world (that's right Beyonce, we're talking to you!), the Phanatic's Instagram accounts comes with just photos and no quotes or captions.

Check out the Phanatic's Instagram page for exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes shots of the green, furry guy in action!

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The Phillie Phanatic's Spring Training
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Spring Training is the time of year when the Phillies prepare for the upcoming baseball season. The Phillie Phanatic needs to get ready, too. He has to learn new dance moves, practice leading cheers and make sure his hot dog launcher is tuned up for the regular season.

The Phanatic invites his friend, Lefty the Cat, on a scenic journey from chilly Philadelphia to sunny Clearwater, Florida - the Spring Training Home of the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phanatic feels right at home with all the Phillie fans who also made the trip to Clearwater to enjoy baseball under the warmth of the Florida sun!

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