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April 16
Question: Who was the last team before the 2014 Nationals to win a division by more than 17 games?
Answer: 2008 Angels – 21 Game lead over Texas
Winner: Stephen P., Conshohocken, PA
April 15
Question: What MLB awards did Jackie Robinson win in 1947 and 1949?
Answer: ROY – 1947, MVP- 1949
Winner: Marty M., Marlton, NJ
April 14
Question: Who is the only Mets pitcher with a hit in each of his first three games?
Answer: Jacob DeGrom – 2014
Winner: Rich G., Elverson, PA
April 13
Question: Who are the three Mets that hold the fraanchise record with 11 Opening Day starts?
Answer: David Wright, Bud Harrelson, Tom Seaver
Winner: Derek B., King of Prussia
April 12
Question: Which Nationals player is the last continuous franchise player from the Expos?
Answer: Ian Desmond
Winner: Matt P., Harleysville, PA
April 11
Question: What player led the 2014 Nats in hit and batting average?
Answer: Denard Span
Winner: Pierce S., Harrisburg, PA
April 10
Question: What team originally drafted Max Scherzer with the 11th Overall pick in the 2006 MLB Draft?
Answer: Arizona Diamondbacks
Winner: Michele, T., Summit Hill, PA
April 9
Question: What Red Sox Pitcher won the Cy Young in 1967 and later played for the Phillies?
Answer: Jim Lonborg
Winner: Bruce B., Cerritos, CA
April 8
Question: Who is the only pitcher to lead major league baseball in ERA 5 times?
Answer: Pedro Martinez
Winner: Robert B., Sewell, NJ
April 6
Question: Who was the Phillies winning pitcher in game 1 of the 1915 World Series?
Answer: Grover Cleveland Alexander
Winner: Harrison T., Robbinsville, NJ