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Bring your sunglasses and your appetite, and when you catch the aroma of the barbecue, you'll want to dig in to the pregame buffet at the Party Tent. With the tent's flexible floor space, you can dress it down, dress it up, or theme it however you want.

Invite your best clients or your best friends and make it a party - it is the place to entertain your group of 100 or more guests before a Phillies game. Located just outside the ballpark, the tent offers a casual atmosphere with ample seating for your guests as well as room for socializing. Weather permitting, barbecue-style foods will be served straight from the outdoor grill. Once the pregame party is done, move on into the ballpark for some more Phillies fun.

Minimum to book - 100 guests
Maximum including use of surrounding floor space - 300+ guests
  If booked for less than 150, a second group may also be booked. Each party will have a separate entrance and event space.
  Our Pregame Party Area catering packages include facility rental and catering for 90 minutes prior to game time.
  Customize your event with creative decor and special, one-of-a-kind touches that truly make the space your own.
• Complete packages for our pre-game areas, including facility use, buffet, beer and soft drinks, start at just
  $51.50 per person (not including game ticket). Go to 2009 Pregame Party Area Menus »
• A $6 per person non-refundable deposit is due upon reservation of pre-game areas.