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Season Ticket Holder of the Month

Jeff and Christian Thomas

Seat Location: Section 109, Row 9

How long have you had season tickets?

8 years.

Who is your favorite current player and why?

Chase Utley because he embodies everything a true Phillie represents.

Who is your favorite player of all time and why?

Lenny Dykstra, he was my favorite player growing up.

What is your best memory as a fan?

Attending game 5 of the World Series and seeing the Phillies finally win it all at home.

What is your favorite concession?

Chicken Cutlet Italiano at Planet Hoagie.

If you were a player, what song would you want played while you were announced to bat?

"Cult of Personality" by Living Color.

Do you prefer a pitcher's duel or a slugfest?

Pitcher's duel.

What is the best part of Citizens Bank Park?

The overall experience and atmosphere is unparalleled compared to any other stadium in the majors.

What is the best part of being a season ticket holder?

Knowing that you're going to have a great night at the ballpark every night you're there and the option of buying postseason tickets.

Where were your season tickets at Veterans Stadium (if applicable)?

We had season tickets during the last season at the Vet, section 238.

Have you ever caught a foul ball or homerun, if so who hit it?

I've caught 3 foul balls, I cannot remember who hit them.

If you could start any Phillies pitcher in Game 7 of the World Series who would it be and why?

Roy Halladay because he has been the best pitcher in baseball over the past 10 years and he deserves that stage - no hitter against the Reds, need I say more?.

Do you remember the first Phillies game you ever attended as a fan? If so when was it?

I don't remember my first game but when I was 6 I remember a Chicago Cub was going to give me an autograph but I told him "I don't want your autograph." The look of embarrassment on my dad's face was priceless.

What is your favorite promotion or giveaway?


If you could have dinner with one Phillies player who would it be and why?

Jimmy Rollins because he is Mr. Phillie, has a great personality, and seems like he would have a bunch of stories to tell.

Do you have any superstitions or traditions related to watching the Phillies?

I always wear the same hat to the games until the Phillies lose then I switch it up for the next game. We also always get something to eat after the 3rd inning.

Any stories or facts that you would like to add?

We have so many great memories of going to games together. We've seen Greg Jefferies hit for the cycle, the last game at the Vet, Jim Thome's 400th homerun, Aaron Rowand's catch, and Shane Victorino's grand slam off of Sabathia.