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Outfield Wall Dimensions

2013 Safeco Field Wall Modification
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2013 Safeco Field Wall Modification
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Safeco Field1999-20122013
LF Line331'331'
Left Center390'378'
Deepest Point409'405'
Straightaway Center405'401'
Right Center385'381'
RF Line326'326'

The construction crews were busy during the past off-season as the Mariners moved portions of the outfield wall at Safeco Field for the 2013 season. By moving the walls in, the hitters should benefit. This is the first time the field dimensions have changed since the ballpark opened in 1999.

After several months of deliberation and analysis, input from former players as well as from current and past front office personnel and coaches, the decision was made to make the adjustments last fall.

Executive Vice President and General Manager Jack Zduriencik said, "Our goal is to create an environment that is fair for both hitters and pitchers. Considering the current field dimensions as well as the climate in and around Safeco Field, we feel this has been accomplished with the new layout."

From the left field corner to a point about midway between the bullpens, the wall was moved in four feet. The biggest change is from the left field power alley area to straightaway center, where the wall is as much as 17 feet closer to home plate. From straightaway center to right center, the wall was moved in four feet.

Another noticeable change is in the left field corner. The hand-operated scoreboard is longer be in play, and is relocated to the facing of Edgar's Home Run Porch, a new space for fans to gather and watch the game. The outfield wall is now eight-feet high from foul pole to foul pole.

Based on the analysis, it is expected that the number of total home runs hit at Safeco Field will rank in the middle of the pack of the 30 MLB teams in 2013, compared to ranking 27th over the past three seasons.

Description of the changes to the outfield dimensions at Safeco Field in 2013
  • In the left field corner:
    • The distance down the left field foul line remains the same at 331 feet.
    • Instead of jutting out quickly to 341-feet, the wall juts out to 337 feet.
    • The hand-operated scoreboard has been moved, and as a result, the height of the outfield wall will be eight feet from foul pole to foul pole.
  • From the left field corner to the left field power alley, the wall has been moved in four-feet.
  • The distance at the left field power alley has decreased from 390 feet to 378 feet.
    • From left center to straightaway center field, the distance the wall was moved varies from four-feet to a maximum of 17 feet. At straightaway center field, the distance has decreased from 405 feet to 401 feet.
  • From straightaway center to the right center power alley, the wall will move in four feet. The distance at the power alley will decrease from 385 feet to 381 feet.
  • From the right field power alley to the right field line, the dimensions remain the same.