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Brent Strom

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Brent Strom

Brent Strom was named to his current position with the Astros on Oct. 22, 2013, in what is his third Major League stint as a pitching coach. He was originally the Astros pitching coach in 1996, and then later joined the Royals Major League staff as pitching coach for two seasons (2000-01).

Prior to rejoining the Astros, Strom, who has close to 35 years of coaching experience, spent six seasons (2008-13) with the St. Louis Cardinals organization, serving as their minor league pitching coordinator (2012- 13) and as a minor league pitching instructor (2008-11).

Strom first joined Houston's organization in 1989, serving as a minor league pitching instructor for seven seasons (1989-95) before being elevated to Major League pitching coach in 1996. Prior to originally joining Houston, he spent time as a minor league coach with the Los Angeles Dodgers (1981-86) and as a pitching coordinator with the San Diego (1997) and Montreal/Washington organizations (1998-99, 2002-06).

His coaching career followed a professional pitching career that spanned from 1970-81, which included parts of five Major League seasons with New York-NL (1972), Cleveland (1973) and San Diego (1975-77). He also pitched two minor league seasons in the Astros system (1979-80).

Prior to playing professionally, Strom attended the University of Southern California, helping lead the Trojans baseball team to two NCAA championships. In 1970, he was a First Team All-American in his final season at USC. His professional career began after he was drafted third overall in the secondary phase of the 1970 draft by the New York Mets. The secondary phase was designated for players who had been drafted and had not signed. Strom holds the distinction of being just the second person ever to have Tommy John surgery.

Strom is a member of the International Sports Group (ISG), a non-profit organization founded to grow the game of baseball across the globe. He's been participating in ISG clinics overseas for over 15 years, with this offseason's clinic being held in Paris, France. Strom has also recommended other Astros coaches to join ISG, including the Astros Double A Hitting Coach Dan Radison, who participated in a clinic in Sweden this offseason.

Brent and his wife, Carrie, reside in Tucson, Ariz. Carrie was crowned Mrs. America in 1979, representing New Jersey. The couple has two English bulldogs, Macie Mae and Bebe. 

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