• Corbin Cherry
    United States Army
    Corbin Cherry, of Hertford, N.C., is a hero. He lost his leg saving three soldiers and a medic while under heavy fire in Vietnam. He earned three Purple Hearts, five Air Medals and the Silver Star, among other awards. As chief of chaplains for the VA under President Carter, Corbin oversaw 1,500 chaplains in 50 states and Puerto Rico. He also served for 25 years as the San Francisco Veterans Medical Center chaplain, working with vets suffering from PTSD. In 2004, Corbin played golf on 165 of 166 days in 48 states to raise awareness for disabled people and vets in sports. And, in 2005, he started a wheelchair foundation for disabled children in Vietnam, where many have been wounded by landmines from various wars over the years. He has furnished over 1,000 wheelchairs and sponsored more than 60 surgeries and artificial limbs. He is a hero.